Thursday, April 25, 2013

Start RSPCA Week with a THUNDERCLAP!

RSPCA Week is our major annual fundraising event and we need your help to make it stand out.

Help us start RSPCA week with a bang by showing your support with the Thunderclap app

This basically acts as a virtual "reservoir" that saves a Tweet or facebook status update from you until a specified time when it will release all the stored updates together.

The point of this is that it makes much more impact if 100 people show their support at the same time than it would if the same people tweeted or updated over a few days.

To help the project succeed, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login FIRST to either your twitter or your facebook account.
  2. Go to
  3. Click either the "Support with Twitter" or "Support with Facebook" buttons (NOT the link further down which just shows you more information).
  4. You will be offered a standard message which the app will send on your behalf on Monday 29th at the start of RSPCA week. By default this is "It's #RSPCAWeek - #TimetoCareTimetoAct for animal welfare. I've taken an action to support the RSPCA. You can too:" but you can customise it if you don't like the message although it's most useful if you don't change the words marked by "#" as this makes them stand out on Twitter.
  5. Click the "Add my support button"
  6. Twitter or Facebook will put up a dialogue box asking your permission to let the app view your PUBLIC details and post a message to your timeline on your behalf. It WON'T give access to your direct messages or password.
  7. Click the "Authorize app" button
  8. This will add you to the list of supporters and send you back to the app
  9. You can choose to share the fact that you've signed up at this stage, but you don't have to - steps 1-8 are enough.
(Wearing my IT support hat, can I point out that you should NEVER give your Twitter or Facebook password to a program or app. The steps shown above are safe because Twitter is responding to a request from you to send some information via Thunderclap and Thunderclap never gets to know your non-public information).

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