Friday, April 26, 2013

Not on the telly

THANK-YOU to the anonymous RSPCA officers mentioned here for their unsung, hard work.

David Heath (Somerton and Frome, Liberal Democrat)

I also want to put on record the strong impression that I had in Cumbria that the farming community and the wider rural community have responded in a positive and big way. A lot of mutual support went on and continues to go on. People helped one another, and farmers who were not affected searched for sheep on their neighbours’ holdings when they realised that they were in trouble. That is the country way and it is what we expect, but it was happening.

People who were not connected with farming also lent their support. I will mention one group of people, an organisation that occasionally we have differences of opinion with. It was pointed out to me how profoundly helpful the RSPCA officers in the area had been, lending a hand and getting stuck in, not in strict pursuance of their duties as RSPCA officers but because they cared about the animals and the farmers and wanted to do their bit. 

(Hansard debates: Upland Sheep Farmers, 23rd April)

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