Monday, November 15, 2010

Can anyone offer a home to Charlie?

Charlie was handed in to the police and was  going to be put down because his 7 days were up, so we were asked to take him on.

He's a Staffordshire cross, but gets on well with other dogs. 

There's more information about him on our Rehoming Gallery.

UPDATE: Just to remove any misunderstanding; we stepped in to SAVE Charlie—the 7 day time limit is the statutory length of time a local authority is required to pay kennelling fees for unowned dogs. Once this time limit is up a dog may be passed on to a rescue organisation (us in this case), rehomed directly, or put to sleep.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Animal Welfare Statistics for October

During October our clinic treated 213 dogs, 117 cats, 3 rabbits and 4 miscellaneous "small furries", and also neutered 12 dogs and 5 cats - a welcome sign that interest in neutering is picking up again.

We rehomed 4 cats, 1 dog and 1 rabbit.

In the total year to date we've provided 3,595 treatments for sick animals, neutered 215 animals and rehomed 94 animals. Of animals taken in for rehoming, only 8 had to be put to sleep on veterinary advice.

RSPCA Cambridge photo-mugs now available

Branch photo-mugs

The mugs come in two different designs: cats or dogs (sorry, no rabbits this time). Both designs feature animals rehomed by the branch during the past year.

They're now on sale, priced at £4.75, at our second-hand bookshop, 188 Mill road, and will also be available at various stalls we're doing in the run-up to Christmas. We make 99p profit on each mug, which will be ploughed back into our rehoming program.