Friday, December 18, 2009

Path to Cherry Hinton last night

Took this on my way back from dropping off some pet food to one of our fosterers. It was even more spectacular looking back up the hill from the railway bridge end, but by then the wind had got up too much for photography.

Please remember that cats and rabbits can cope with this kind of weather provided they have food, dry shelter and their water is kept unfrozen, but guinea-pigs come from South America and need to be brought indoors—either into the house or at least inside a shed or outhouse where their hutch is protected. Avoid bringing animals into your garage because of the danger from fumes.

Wild Animal Casualties

Statement from the national RSPCA:

"There is no truth whatsoever in the alarming rumour that the RSPCA has changed its policy regarding wildlife animals and that due to the credit crunch it automatically puts every animal it picks up to sleep.

Wildlife counts for a huge proportion of calls made to the RSPCA every year. Our inspectors and officers regularly respond to calls regarding injured or sick wild animals and birds. Every effort is made to ensure that these are taken to one of our own specialist wildlife centres, to a vet or one of the independent organisations that we work with and that they are rehabilitated and released where possible.

The RSPCA takes the decision to euthanise wildlife on a case by case basis, with the welfare of the animal in mind and to alleviate suffering."

On the current situation concerning non-native wild species, see DEFRA's review and the government's non-native species website (neither of these is controlled by the RSPCA).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Christmas closing dates

The Cambridge RSPCA Animal Clinic will be CLOSED on Wednesday 23rd, Saturday 26th and Wednesday 30th December. Other times open as normal.

Shops will stay open until about 3 pm on Christmas Eve, then close until 4th January (5th in the case of E61 which is always closed on Mondays anyway).

The National Control Centre will be open throughout as usual: 0300 1234 999

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If your pet is on medication PLEASE make sure you order enough to get you through the holiday.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deputy Shop Manager Post Available

Our present deputy manager at 61 Burleigh Street is moving away from Cambridge in the New Year, so we are recruiting a replacement.

The post involves working a total of 24 hours per week, with some additional cover for the manager's holidays. Starting salary is £6.21 per hour (review after 6 months).

As Emporium 61 works at the vintage/retro end of the charity shop market any applicant will need an interest in fashion and willingness to learn.

You can download a full job description from our website.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get your organic Christmas decorations here!

Many thanks to the kind donor of a load of mistletoe at our bookshop at 188 Mill Road. It's adding a wonderfully festive element to the shop and is a nice addition to our stock of Christmas cards, mugs, pictures and bags.

Roll up and get your bio-degradeable decorations!

After Christmas, have a go at propagating the seeds—mistletoe is an important native plant with benefits for wildlife.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Hat Tree

If you can't think what to get your mum, why not try a nice, warm hat from 61 Burleigh Street? Smarter than the average bobble.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Completely disastrous clinic session on Saturday. For security reasons we don't leave internal keys on the premises — which would have been fine except that the nurse due to bring them in broke down just outside Mildenhall, which is a 45 minute drive away.

Animals who needed to be admitted as inpatients could be sent up to the Veterinary Hospital as normal, but anyone who just needed medicines had to be content with a prescription to take to an ordinary chemist. Clients who'd phoned in advance to order repeat prescriptions were really out of luck, because all of those had been pre-dispensed and were sitting with the nurse in her ominously smoking car.

Everyone was impressively philosophical about this, and the only really angry client was a new referral from the PDSA who had been told treatment would be free and hadn't brought her £7 consultation fee.

So — thank you to everyone attending on Saturday for being so understanding. We're going to be discussing with the Vet School how to set up some better emergency arrangements without compromising security.