Sunday, December 13, 2009


Completely disastrous clinic session on Saturday. For security reasons we don't leave internal keys on the premises — which would have been fine except that the nurse due to bring them in broke down just outside Mildenhall, which is a 45 minute drive away.

Animals who needed to be admitted as inpatients could be sent up to the Veterinary Hospital as normal, but anyone who just needed medicines had to be content with a prescription to take to an ordinary chemist. Clients who'd phoned in advance to order repeat prescriptions were really out of luck, because all of those had been pre-dispensed and were sitting with the nurse in her ominously smoking car.

Everyone was impressively philosophical about this, and the only really angry client was a new referral from the PDSA who had been told treatment would be free and hadn't brought her £7 consultation fee.

So — thank you to everyone attending on Saturday for being so understanding. We're going to be discussing with the Vet School how to set up some better emergency arrangements without compromising security.

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