Friday, June 1, 2012


I doubt whether fiction that beats them over the head with a moral works any better for children than it does for adults. These are now a bit dated, but the storylines do reflect Monica Edwards' own wrestling with questions about the way animals should be treated in a way that assumes children can think for themselves.

Some of them (Punchbowl Midnight and The Wild One are particularly relevant to the aftermath of the dairy calf documentary as they portray a fictionalised picture of life on a small scale mixed farm in the 1950s and the conflict between profitability and love of animals.

Traffic accident

Looking very poorly and having fluids
This poor chap was hit by a car either Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning. Luckily one of our clinic clients spotted him and knew the clinic was open so she could rush him straight down.  Although he looks very pathetic and sorry for himself in this photo there is a happy ending as his family phoned round and traced where he had been taken for treatment.

Before we knew he was owned I made up a donation page on JustGiving to raise funds towards his treatment. If you would like to donate to help ensure that we can provide treatment to the next injured animal, please visit

Dairy calves

Storify of the reaction to the "Jimmy's farm" documentary about male dairy calves. I have to say that I'm startled by the number of viewers who seem to have had no idea how the food they eat is produced.