Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farm Animal Welfare Scientists at the RSPCA

I thought you might like to take a look at these videos showing some of the science behind the RSPCA's Freedom Food welfare standards.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Clarissa Dickson-Wright has called for people to stop donating to the RSPCA until we stop enforcing the Hunting Act or opposing its repeal.

In some ways this is fair enough; if you enjoy hunting you're probably not going to want to support the RSPCA and we can't expect it.

What's currently going on is rather more—a campaign of misrepresentation that's aimed at discouraging  people who love animals and have no interest in hunting from donating. 

The RSPCA is the only charity which provides 24/7 help for animals over the whole of England and Wales; OK, not perfect and with a call centre that's always over-stretched, but at least some help and advice and a source of funds to get injured animals at least first aid.

It's the only charity that runs a farm assurance scheme with enough clout to have a realistic chance of driving up welfare standards.

It's the only charity that prosecutes cases of animal cruelty; and bear in mind that some of the most vociferous complaints about the RSPCA are that it is too reluctant to go down the route of prosecution rather than giving advice.

It rescues and rehomes thousands of animals each year.

It provides low cost treatment for thousands of pets whose owners cannot afford private vets.

So, should we give up? Accept that some people really are so powerful that they're untouchable if the alternative is possibly being unable to carry on the practical welfare work that is the bulk of the RSPCA's activity?