Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update on new charity shop - FINALLY!

Claire and I signed the last batch of papers yesterday and Kit transferred the payment over to our solicitors' account so it really looks as though light is finally appearing at the end of the tunnel. The last-minute hitch turns on our potential liability for the rent increase which would have been paid by the people selling the lease during 2008 if the landlord hadn't delayed reviewing the rent until the year end.

It seems crazy, but February 2008 was the review date specified in the terms of the lease, so the tenants are liable to pay the increase for the whole period even though the landlord didn't set the new rent until nearly a year later. If we don't ensure that arrangements have been made before we finally complete the lease purchase we could become liable to pay it.

Fortunately our solicitors seem to be confident that the sellers will lodge the payment with their solicitors without more delay because they're wasting money paying rent all the time that nothing is progressing and they must be as anxious to see an end as we are.

We're now very tentatively thinking of 21st August as the target opening date, and starting to order equipment. The basement at 188 is full-to-bursting with wonderful donated stock, so as soon as we have the keys it will be a frenzy of activity.

The shop will need lots of volunteers to give it a good clean before we can start setting up. If you could spare a few hours in the next month, please email