Saturday, June 5, 2010


All day at the shop today and a house-clearance tomorrow. Really nice people and I'm hopeful that, in combination with another generous donation of end-of line stock from Tesco, this will set the shop up for another month.

We're reaching a state in which takings are at a peak that's limited by our ability to get donated items out on the shop floor for customers to buy. It's noticeable that, although we're very busy, it tends to be the more inexpensive items that sell quickly and I think people are still being very careful about spending money. The only dearer things that seem to go are stuff that might be classed as "basics": dinner and tea services and other items that are going to be for use, not just for show.

The Saturday morning volunteers worked like Trojans and got lots of items priced and put out, but by five o'clock gaps were starting to show again. We could use at least two more volunteers to help out on Saturday afternoons; if you might be interested, please do drop in to have a chat. Making money to fund our clinic and other welfare work depends on having a continuous stream of goods going out onto the shop floor and that means we need a team of people continuously sorting, cleaning and pricing, then filling up the gaps as they appear.

How's this for Xtreme footware?

We looked them up and they are  around £200 new, and these are hardly used (it would be difficult to use them!), so we've put a price tag of £50 on them. If there's no interest in the shop then we'll eBay them.

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