Sunday, May 30, 2010

If anyone tells you the RSPCA "doesn't do rehoming"

From our rehoming co-ordinator:

My goodness it's going beserk.

Just to keep you in the loop we have as follows:

  • Ginger tom taken to Vet 24 after RTA - they spoke to Claire and because of neurological problems he's going to clinic on Saturday.
  • Black tom at Arbury Rd vets which has bad pelvic injury - also to clinic on Sat.
  • Fluffy black female (Maria) about 6-8 months taken to Pet Drs Burwell. I collected and have her with me at moment booked to be spayed at Lidas next week and finders are keen to adopt pending home visit
  • Ginger and white nervous tom taken to pet Drs Burwell with a wound which they've treated. They say he has to come out before bank holiday weekend as no cover so I'm going to try and bring him here tomorrow. But as I have un-spayed Maria too, I will have to try to keep them a distance apart so they don't drive each other mad especially as she appears to be calling. I have him booked in next week to also be neutered at Lidas and have his staples out of his wound at same time.

The 3 new cat fosterers are now full so I've got a bit of a problem that one of them goes away sometime soon and will need her mum cat and kittens to be looked after elsewhere. Didn't really want them to go into the cattery.

West Suffolk branch did have a cat space looming that we could use but it might now be taken. If not I had a very desperate member of public who is about to move and a friend who promised to take his cat has let him down at last minute. So I have put him in touch with them to avoid our numbers getting even more inflated.

If you would like to foster or adopt a cat, please email

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