Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Would your employer let you run a "donate, don't dump" day for us?

"Donate, Don't Dump" is a concept inspired by Mary Portas and basically depends on the theory that pretty well all of us have something stashed away which we are never going to use/wear, but which is in perfectly good condition or else is old enough to be a curio. Examples might be china ornaments that are just collecting dust; kindly-meant presents of clothes that are the wrong size/colour; boxed games no-one ever has time to play, and so on.

Individually you might feel none of them is worth making a special trip to donate to a charity shop, but if 20 or 30 people got together to pool their donations they might well have a collection of items that would raise over £100 when sold.

Of course, the group doesn't have to be based on a place of work: it could just as well be organised by a school; playgroup; book discussion group—anywhere that people get together.

We need to turn over roughly 100 items a day to meet our target of £500 daily takings at 61 Burleigh Street.

If you might be interested in organising a Donate Don't Dump Day, but would like to discuss it with someone first, email or phone 01223 312 802 (closed Mondays).

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