Sunday, November 15, 2009

Volunteer Drivers

We always need more volunteer drivers, so if you have the use of a car and are interested in "hands-on" work with animals, please do get in touch by emailing: or

We need drivers because the injured strays which we take in are generally given initial first aid at private vets and then need to be transferred to our clinic for further treatment or to our kennels for rehoming. Some animals may need to come back to the clinic for check-ups (such as follow-up x-rays).

Because we can't predict when strays will be brought in it's not possible to set up a regular rota for driving, so volunteers go on a list of people who don't mind being phoned to ask if they can help with a particular trip.

Trips to the clinic with injured animals usually involve quite a lot of waiting about at the clinic because we can't jump the queue to be seen unless an animal is desperately ill or injured.

Times when we're most likely to need drivers are:

Monday mornings to transport animals from the kennels to the Vet School for re-checks and scheduled operations.
Monday afternoons to return animals to the kennels from the Vet School
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday mornings to move animals from private vets to our clinic

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