Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've now got a new branch cheque book, so I can set the ball rolling to open an investment account with a local building society. 

The most straightforward logistics to achieve this seem to be for me to post out the application form to our Rehoming Co-ordinator (so she can fill in her details as Second Applicant).

She then posts the form on to our Branch Secretary.

Meanwhile I write out a cheque for the opening deposit and take it round to the Secretary for her counter-signature. She can also counter-sign the cheque for the deposit with the Co-Operative Bank at the same time.

Once she has the cheque, form and a copy of our Branch Rules, she takes them down to her local branch of the building society together with her ID.

And once that's been done, the Rehoming Co-ordinator can call in at the building society to prove who she is.

Meanwhile we need to take a copy of the signed minutes of this month's committee meeting and send it to the building society to prove we really did decide to open an account.

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