Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to the Future

The Federation of Woodland Egg Producers seem to be replicating something very similar to the conditions on the early 20th Century Chivers farms
  • Planted with trees which cover at least 20% of the range
  • The trees are a mixture of fast growing and slower native trees which are indigenous to the local area
  • The trees are planted close to the house to encourage the hens outside to range
  • All farms are audited and approved by the RSPCA and conform to the RSPCA Freedom Food standard
Maybe this is the way to go to maintain standards in a time of financial hardship. Planting trees in areas which would otherwise be either grass or bare ground is a potential way of soaking up CO2 and eventually producing wood for fuel or construction, and the dual use of land answers the objection to free range that there is not enough available land to produce all the eggs needed to supply the consumer.

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