Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to Square One

Bother! It turns out that I do not possess any identification which NatWest will accept as proof of identity for the purpose of opening an interest-bearing deposit account to run alongside the branch's current account. 

This is not a complete disaster as they are prepared to open an account with three other branch trustees as signatories. I could operate this by filling in the transfer slips and getting the others to sign to authorise them. Fortunately there seems to be no question of withdrawing my ability to sign cheques for payment from the current account — which must be a relief to the 20-odd veterinary practices we deal with. It's aggravating, though, as it means we are back to square one with the multi-page form to open the deposit account. 

The conversation with the NatWest employee was pure farce, as the poor woman grew progressively more desperate with suggestions about possible suitable sources of ID: firearms certificate? Wait fifteen years until I have a pension book? Certificate of naturalisation? Learn to drive (provisional license won't do)?

At least our funds are in a bank that shows no signs of dying on us, although I would be happier if I could speed up the process of splitting them up into £50,000 chunks in separate organisations so that all the money was covered by the savings guarantee.

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