Friday, June 14, 2013

Special appeal for Apple's operation

Apple came in to us last week because she was found with a bad leg injury and her owner could not be contacted.

Initially we thought this would heal up with treatment by antibiotics and dressing the wound but it's now looking as if we have the choice of amputating the leg (cost around £200) or spending around £800 on surgery to graft some of her healthy skin to the injured area.

The underlying problem is what vets call a "de-gloving injury" which literally means that the limb's skin has come away like someone peeling off a glove. Obviously we would prefer to save her leg if possible as she's a young cat with, hopefully, a full life ahead of her. 

We've set up an online appeal page on JustGiving to raise funds specifically to go towards the cost of an operation. If we do better than we expect and overshoot the target we'll use the excess to pay for the treatment of other injured strays.

If you would like to donate by text message, you can do this by texting the code CLIN88 £1 to 70070
(to donate more than £1 just change the figure after the pound sign).

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