Saturday, February 23, 2013

What a day!

Pepper and his 5 brothers
are looking for a home.
Got off to a less than brilliant start by breaking the lock on my own back door so tomorrow morning's task is to unscrew it so I can get into the garden without having to walk round the side of the house from the front door.  Garden cats are not amused by this deterioration in their catering service.

Next joy was a call from Teresa at our Burleigh st shop to say the electronic lock on the safe had packed up so they couldn't retrieve the float to give change. Cycle over with change, then in to open up at the bookshop, to find we'd had a really fantastically huge donation of books the previous day, all gift aided so that we should be able to reclaim 25p in the pound on every sale we make.

By the end of the day Pat, Katie and I were nearly on our knees, but there are now only 4 more large boxes to sticker and price. Look out for lots of art, philosophy, cookery and craft books going out over the next few weeks at 188 Mill Road, also an excellent selection of paperbacks.

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