Monday, September 10, 2012

Animal Welfare Statistics for July and August

In July 2012, our clinic treated 237 dogs, 117 cats, 9 rabbits and 6 miscellaneous small furries.

We rehomed 12 cats, 1 dog and 2 miscellaneous, and took in one case dog from the inspectors and six injured stray cats via the RSPCA National Control Centre.

In August 2012, our clinic treated 243 dogs, 125 cats, 4 rabbits and 4 miscellaneous small furries.

We rehomed 8 cats and 2 rabbits.

A further three cats were put to sleep on veterinary advice that treatment would be futile and only prolong their suffering.

We took in 8 cats and three rabbits as injured strays via the National Control Centre.

Over the year to date, our clinic has provided low cost treatments for 1,815 dogs, 688 cats, 51 rabbits and 39 small furries - a total of 2,593 animals altogether.

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