Thursday, September 8, 2011

Animal Welfare Figures for July and August

I've got a bit behind with these.

The stats for July are:

Animal treatments: Cats 108, Dogs 238, Rabbits 6, and 4 miscellaneous "small furries"

We rehomed 2 dogs, 11 cats and 2 miscellaneous.

For August:
Treatments: Cats 141, Dogs 295, Rabbits 7 and 3 miscellaneous.

We rehomed 3 dogs, 8 cats, 1 Rabbit and 3 miscellaneous.

Total treatments for the year to date: Cats 813, Dogs 1,970, Rabbits 71 and 28 miscellaneous.


  1. please could you tell me the number of animals and in particular dogs, that were pts and what percentage of those were pts due to health issues.

  2. Two cats, both on veterinary advice that further attempts at treatment would be futile and only prolong their suffering.

  3. We're not entirely typical as we're more a clinic that does some rehoming than a pure rescue. That means we do have facilities to treat very sick or injured animals that some rescues might have no choice about euthanising because of cost - Basil who's featured near the start of the blog would be a case in point as it took a very long time for his leg injuries to heal.