Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prioritising, tough choices, unhelpful attitudes

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RSPCA Solent branch runs the largest RSPCA animal shelter in the UK (bigger even than the largest shelters owned and run directly by the national society) and rehomes thousands of animals each year. Their published accounts show that in 2009 the trustees were reimbursed expenses to the princely total of £195 between all of them. These are people who are working their socks off and making a huge difference to animals in their local area. They also run a welfare clinic for animals owned by people on low incomes and like most of us they are wondering how to make ends meet.

Not one of the comments to the online article about the possible closure of their clinic shows even the slightest recognition that the branch is run by a group of volunteers who are giving their time to help animals. Almost all of them assume that the branch chairman and other committee members are paid. There seems to be no interest at all in giving useful help to fundraise to keep the clinic open.

Admittedly Solent do employ people to staff the shelter and clinic, but it really wouldn't be practical for all the day to day animal care to be done by volunteers who might not be available during the week.

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