Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy, busy

Jake, the little terrier, is doing well and should be fit to go out to a foster home tomorrow. He'll need cage rest with toilet breaks very strictly on a lead to stop him running or jumping and dislodging the metal plates that are holding his pelvis together. Back to the Vet School for X-Ray in a month. 

Luke, the tom cat with a broken jaw, is also well enough to go out and we'll probably move him down to the kennels as there's no reason to restrict him to a cage. He's also not yet neutered (because the vets were anxious about the legality of doing it before we've had him for at least 7 days) which means he's a bit of an anti-social guest for a foster home due to the strong tom-cat smell.
Just after half-past 8 this morning the emergency vet phoned to say they'd got another traffic accident needing to be transferred to our clinic, so our volunteer clinic manager cut her poor dog's morning walk and zoomed down to do the move before closing. This cat has chest injuries - basically the air-tight seal which normally makes your lungs expand when your ribs move has been breached so that there's a leak, making the cat breathless. The initial news on this one is that the School vets think it can be managed by medical treatment rather than needing any operation.

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