Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tabitha is Holly!

This pretty tabby girl was hit by a car and taken to the emergency vet last week. Fortunately it looks as though she'll make a full recovery, and her owner managed to make contact with us by phoning all the local vets asking if they'd taken in an injured female tabby.

Ideally all cats should be micro-chipped to make immediate identification possible. However, if your cat goes missing and is not chipped, do phone round vets, including ones that seem quite a long way away from your home. If an animal is found injured outside normal working hours, the closest available vet may be some distance away.

Also, remember that most "lost" cats have actually got shut in somewhere. Regardless of whether or not your cat is chipped, ask all your neighbours to check any sheds, garages, greenhouses etc. that may have been opened and later shut with your cat trapped inside.

Sadly it turns out that Tabitha isn't Holly after all.  The lady who had lost a tabby cat came down and Tabitha has no white on her at all, while Holly had a very small amount. So Tabitha is still looking either for the person who has lost her, or for a new permanent home.

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