Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thank-you RSPCA HQ!

I've just been notified by HQ that our application for a grant to restart our emergency assistance at private vets has been approved. This means that we will be able to give at least some help to animals whose owners have not registered them at our clinic if they have an emergency which can't wait until our next ordinary clinic session.


The amount of money which will be available for each individual animal will necessarily be strictly limited; if we don't do this it will simply run out within a couple of months. Most of the time it will simply cover the vet's consultation fee, plus some initial first aid aimed at keeping the animal alive and pain-free until they can be transferred to the next available session at our clinic. 

It will not be possible to cover expensive surgery which cannot wait, such as emergency pyometria or caesarian operations, so please, please, if you have a bitch or female cat and would not be able to pay for this yourself, get her spayed unless there are medical reasons why this can't be done.

If you are on benefits (including working tax credit etc.) and know you would struggle to afford emergency treatment for your pet (or could not afford to take him/her to a vet at all), PLEASE get them registered by taking them to one of our standard sessions for a check-up or get them microchipped or vaccinated at the clinic. If they are not vaccinated and belong to a species (cat, dog, rabbit) which needs this, getting it done will protect them from several nasty diseases and will also mean that they are registered. Our veterinary service provider is only prepared to see registered animals outside normal clinic hours.

Registration only applies to an individual animal; if you have multiple animals it is essential that they all visit the clinic.

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