Thursday, December 2, 2010

Failing a miracle...

Unless something very unexpected "turns up" it is looking as though we will have no choice but to say we can no longer fund treatment for unowned strays over and above the initial £60 which the National Society pays for initial emergency treatment. 

Veterinary charges have increased all round over the past year and it is becoming less and less sustainable to pay for treatment costs which can run away with hundreds of pounds for every animal. 

One option would be to put a strict limit on the amount we can afford to pay per animal, but then what happens when (as would almost always be the case) our extra hundred pounds simply covers x-rays or tests that show a further £200 is required if the animal is to be treated? In a sense that would only mean we'd wasted the first hundred pounds, which could have helped more animals if it was used for something else.

Our first responsibility must be to maintain the clinic, which treats thousands of animals, and to rehome animals taken in by our inspectors.

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