Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Animal Welfare Statistics for November

In November, our clinic treated 218 dogs, 119 cats, three rabbits and seven miscellaneous "small furries".

We rehomed six cats, but took in an alarming total of eleven rabbits, which had been signed over to our local inspector for welfare reasons. As a result, the total number of animals we currently have in our care has gone up from 42 to 52. 

Fortunately the rabbits can be kept in foster care, which is less expensive for us than commercial boarding, but it's a worrying trend as rabbit adoptions tend to be lower during the winter months when potential adopters really don't feel like doing outdoor carpentry to erect rabbit runs. If our inspectors had another large intake of rabbits we would have to tell them we have no space.

Interest in keeping rabbits as indoor pets - just like our cats or dogs - is growing and may be part of the solution to the problem of unwanted rabbits. 

You can view some of the rabbits on our rehoming gallery.

If you are interested in adopting a pair of rabbits from the branch, please email rehoming@rspca-cambridge.org.uk 

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