Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nice to hear from one of our "EARS" pensioners

Ghost when he was in our kennels
Most of the time I groan when I open an envelope and it's yet another vet bill, but this time it was actually quite pleasing (at only £36) to know that Ghost is still pottering along and enjoying life in his adoptive home.

He's now had slightly more than two years of good life since being adopted (and hopefully more to come), and we feel that our decision to persevere with him has been vindicated. There's always a worry with older animals that keeping them in kennels long-term isn't doing them any favours if there's no realistic prospect of a decent future before them.

Some animals are clearly going to be slower to find new homes than others, particularly if they have the double disadvantage of belonging to an over-popular breed and being a little "over the hill" age-wise.

Where adopters may be put off because of the prospect of age-related vet bills it may be possible to arrange adoption under the "EARS" — Elderly Animals Rehoming Scheme, whereby we will cover part of the cost of veterinary treatment after adoption.

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