Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homeless animals and homeless people

One of the major reasons for animals becoming homeless is human housing problems. Families may be forced to give up their pets if they are unable to find rented accommodation which will allow animals, or sometimes pets (generally dogs) may end up living on the streets together with their owners. The Dogs Trust maintain a list of shelters for the homeless with facilities for people with dogs. 

In many ways "street life" is not a dreadful hardship for dogs, unless they are either very young or very old,  because contact with their human partners is the most important thing in a dog's life. Disaster may strike if the dog is injured, perhaps through fighting with other dogs in a hostel, becomes pregnant, or is too young to be protected by vaccination. If a dog does need veterinary help it may be difficult or impossible for a homeless owner to organise transport from a hostel in Cambridge City Centre to our clinic's location in the housing estates in the North of Cambridge. This is another urgent reason why we need to raise enough funds to re-start our help at private vets for owners who genuinely cannot manage to get to the clinic.

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