Friday, August 27, 2010

Mob justice?

Why is it that the very unpleasant, but non-fatal "cat binning" incident has drawn such an enormous amount of publicity (1,230 news items reported in Google) in comparison with the much worse cruelty to more than 100 animals in Somerset (44 news items),  the awful drowning of a couple's pet terrier by unknown thieves in Lancashire (2 items) and the almost unbelievable callousness of the person who threw an English Bull terrier bitch into a river while she was actually in the process of giving birth (3 items)?

If even a small percentage of those expressing outrage about the wheelie bin incident took some practical action for the welfare of animals it would do a lot more good overall.

Kudos to the anonymous member of the public and the police dog handler who saved the Bull terrier's life at some risk to themselves.

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