Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What would you do if your pet needed an £800 operation?

In comparison with the astronomical costs of human surgery, veterinary operations are (almost) a bargain, but they come as a complete shock to many otherwise good owners. Many cats (and some dogs) will sail through life, needing no more than annual boosters and some geriatric care as they age. Sadly this is not something that is guaranteed, and sometimes the owners of quite young animals may be faced with horrible choices if they are unaware of what may happen.
If a cat or dog is hit by a car, treatment costs may quickly reach the thousands, but there are also acute medical conditions which can need treatment that cannot wait. Some of these are completely preventable (pregnancy complications are my particular hate), but some are nobody's fault. It's particularly upsetting if an otherwise healthy animal's life is endangered by a condition that is treatable.
As a branch, we will do our very best for animals whose owners really cannot raise the money needed to save their lives, but we cannot work miracles and we cannot spend money that we don't have. If you are earning, PLEASE make sure you have a credit card with available funds cover the cost of unexpected emergencies, or an insurance arrangement that will pay your vet direct. If you are not earning, don't simply assume that charity funding will be available - often any charity help will go no-where near covering the cost of treatment, particularly if the emergency happens outside normal surgery hours.
Our branch can help some people who are working, but on a very low income, but many charities have tighter restrictions, and in the end it all comes down to our ability to continue raising funds. 2009 was a bad year for this because of the economic downturn and the freeze just before Christmas. If you care about animals, please support our charity shops in 2010 - they are a lifeline for animals in Cambridgeshire, and at the moment it is a lifeline that is close to breaking.

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