Saturday, November 7, 2009

Turn out your wardrobes!

Do you have any clothes you don't wear any more, or maybe unopened packets of underwear you bought when you were a size smaller?

All of them can be used to raise valuable funds at our charity shops at 188 Mill Road, 61 Burleigh Street, Cambridge and 156 High Street, Newmarket. Even worn or damaged clothes can still be sold for recycling and ones that are in good condition but old-fashioned are surprisingly saleable at the moment.

We can also sell "quirky" items such as musical instruments, old cameras and 1950s wireless sets, as well as ornaments, pictures and books.

188 Mill Road specialises in 2nd hand books and 61 Burleigh street in vintage clothes, but either of them would be delighted to receive your donations and we will arrange to transfer them to the appropriate shop if needed.

We would also be grateful for donations of old towels for use as washable animal bedding.

188 Mill Road and 156 High Street, Newmarket are open Monday-Saturday and 61 Burleigh street is open Tuesday-Sunday.

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