Monday, August 24, 2009

Please, please DO NOT use dog flea treatments on cats

Ten minutes to midnight and wide awake after taking a call from the emergency 24 hour vet who has a client with no money whose cat is having seizures after being treated with over the counter flea powder intended for dogs. Treatment costs are likely to amount to several hundred pounds, all from an attempt to save the £10-20 it would have cost to get a safe and effective anti-flea preparation from a veterinary pharmacy.

The video below is from the Vetstoria site and gives more information about permethrin insecticide poisoning in cats.


  1. That's right! Dog treatments are for dogs only not for other animals like cats. I do believe that there is more appropriate treatments for every animals.

    They are totally different with each other so better be careful.

  2. Flea controlling by DIY-basis require sufficient knowledge. Knowledge about good pesticide and the proper way of using those is really essential. I like natural products for controlling flea. Chemical products are also good, but important is to identify those products properly.

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