Thursday, July 9, 2009

Please sign the petition for effective regulation of greyhound racing

We believe that large numbers of racing greyhounds are suffering every year because of a lack of effective regulation. Now we have the chance to protect them for the whole of their lives. But that chance expires in just a few days, on 22nd July.

The RSPCA has set the target to get at least 20,000 people to send a letter to the government by 22nd July to push them to introduce special legislation for racing greyhounds under the Animal Welfare Act. After that, the consultation period closes for good.

Take Action Now and visit

If we lose the race, so do greyhounds.

Every year at least 10,000 greyhounds are retired from racing. The fate of many of these greyhounds is unknown and huge numbers simply 'disappear'.

Show the Government that people care about greyhounds.

We need the Government to know that the public is unhappy about the uncertainty around racing greyhounds.

We need them to know that thousands of people support legislation that will protect each and every racing greyhound, by law, from cradle to grave.

And we need to let them know by 22nd July so that we don't miss our chance. Please sign the campaign letter now, then forward this email on to other animal lovers so we can reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Visit to join the most important greyhound race
of all.

It's the one they can't afford to lose.

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