Friday, June 12, 2009

Responses to the bull breed questionnaire

Where did you get your dog from?

Other animal welfare organisation 22%
Breeder 25%
Friend 25%
Other 13%

All but one of those who had not yet microchipped their dogs mentioned cost as the reason (one person was concerned about possible risks of chipping). Most of those whose dogs were not neutered were either deterred by cost or had puppies not yet old enough for the operation. One was planning to breed from her bitch (this person specifically mentioned her bitch's good temperament as a reason) and one did not believe in castrating male dogs if they were not giving any behavioural reason for concern (this person mentioned that her two bitches were both spayed).

What sex is your dog?

male 16 50%
female 16 50%

Is your dog neutered?

Yes 19 59%
No 13 41%

If no, would you consider having your dog neutered?

Yes 12 86%
No 2 14%

Is your dog microchipped?

Yes 22 69%
No 10 31%

Would you consider getting another bull dog/ terrier in the future?

Yes 30 94%
No 2 6%

Only two people said they would not consider getting another bull breed dog, but neither ruled this out in the longterm, as both mentioned existing family dogs who would not accept another bull breed.

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