Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music in charity shops

Bah, humbug! We already have to pay a £70 fee per shop each year to the PRS for permission to listen to the radio and it's now looking as if we will have an additional fee to pay to PPL. I have never downloaded music without paying for it, or made copies of tapes or CDs, but I do resent being forced to hand over the equivalent of the cost of two spay operations for something that has already been paid for by the radio station. I resent it even more when the volunteers are actually listening to the cricket and not playing music at all. 


  1. Why not do what a lot of other charity shops are doing and buy an internet radio for £75 pre tuned to IMS Charity Radio, NO PRS/PPL fees just great music hosted by pro djs.
    See for more info

  2. They now have a new website dedicated to the new charity shop radio service see announcements included like "please ask about gift aid" and "volunteers always needed please ask a member of staff" you can get it even cheaper through your PC, and remember the service is free to listen to as well as being PRS/PPL fee free.

  3. The guys have taken the radio for charity shops one step further by creating a dedicated website just for Charity Shop Radio at