Friday, February 27, 2009

Traffic to our main website

 If you came to this page searching for a PDSA clinic near Cambridge, please read the information about using the Cambridge RSPCA Animal Clinic. There is no PDSA clinic locally, but the RSPCA clinic is available to help pet owners on low income.

The list of keywords which brought readers to our main website's page with our policy on help with veterinary treatment costs tell an interesting story. Here's the list in full. (I think the first one really wants the University of Pennsylvania Vet School, but can't spell it.) 

The search "why do people give up their pets to the rspca or pdsa" confirms my belief that the average animal-loving member of the public has really very limited knowledge about animal charities—in this case, not enough to know that the PDSA is a purely veterinary charity.
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  1. what a stupid page!!!

  2. Hear,Hear! It didn`t make sense!

  3. The main point is the huge number of people who've not planned what to do if their pets are ill or injured.

    Googling "vets offering free treatment" is TOO late if an animal is already ill because over most of the country there ARE no free vets.

    The RSPCA will give some financial help if they can, but most PDSA pet aid practices require pre-registration BEFORE an animal gets ill (because they need to be able to check the owners documents to verify they really are on benefits).

    The PDSA don't do any rehoming (they are purely a charity providing veterinary care) so it's an indication of low knowledge to be searching for rehoming in connection with their activities.