Friday, November 14, 2008

Further update on the blocked bladder saga

After discussion with the Vet School and the private vets who started his treatment we've agreed the best thing would be for him to stay at the private vet over the weekend to see how he goes on medication. If all is well by Monday and he's urinating normally with no signs of bleeding, we can probably think about transferring him to our kennels with a view to seeking a new home. If antibiotics aren't solving the problem, then we need to think about a transfer to our clinic (and from there to the Vet School Hospital) on Tuesday. 

A possible alternative would be to get him into Block Fen animal home as they have a vet nurse on the staff and a fully kitted-out surgery for animals on the site, but I phoned them today and they're completely full up at present. (If you're as mystified as I was by their Google map, which appears to show a shed in the middle of a field, I think the answer is that Google uses satellite pictures from quite a long time ago).

Meanwhile Richard thinks he's got the other cats sorted out. Their owner will keep two neutered females and the other two will be rehomed with her sister, who promises to get them neutered and to deal with their flea problem. 

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