Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speaker meetings - any interest?

One of the discussion items at Saturday's Regional Board meeting was the question of why attendance at the Society's AGM is so poor. HQ recently sent a questionnaire to a fairly large sample of members and regular donors and from the answers, it appears that there's a fair amount of interest in hearing more about what the Society does, but that a large proportion of people are quite limited in terms of possible travelling distances.

Would anyone out there be interested in speaker meetings which were organised at the other end of the scale (so to speak), purely for supporters (and anyone else interested) in our own local branch area?

The rather low attendance at our branch AGM suggests there's little or no interest in the purely administrative/organisational aspects of what we do, but would there be any support for periodic meetings with a speaker (probably from the inspectorate or one of the animal hospitals) as a chance for people from the branch to get together?

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