Monday, September 22, 2008

Lost and found animals

The experimental form for notifying us about missing cats has turned out to be a useful way to collect the information in one place, so I've now added two others: which is intended for non-urgent information about animals which may be strays (or are probably strays, but can't be caught). 

PLEASE DO NOT use this form for animals which are injured or in distress. If an animal appears ill or injured you should phone our control centre on 0300 1234 999

We will normally only check the database containing information collected from this form if someone contacts us to say they've lost an animal. It is not intended as a way to ask for help. is intended to notify us if you've lost an animal. It's important that you also phone round local vets and animal shelters and contact our control centre (0300 1234 999) as injured animals will usually be taken to the closest available private vet if they need first aid.

We take in large numbers of injured and sick stray cats and very rarely manage to re-unite them with their owners. One probable reason is that people whose cats go missing do not appreciate that animals picked up injured may have to be moved quite large distances to arrange for their treatment and follow-on care. If an animal is injured during the night or at weekends it will be taken to one of the vets who provide out of hours cover; so it's important to ask your local vet who provides cover when they are closed and check with them as well.

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