Thursday, July 17, 2008


He's a Yorkshire terrier, about 7 years old, signed over to us because his owner was getting increasingly confused and tending to do things like trying to give him dishwasher tablets because he had worms.

Many people have an image of the RSPCA going about "seizing" animals here and there, but mostly it's not like that. Tommy's owner was an extreme case of not being able to cope any more, because she was actually ill, but the vast majority of animals we take in come from people who initially meant well. Some just aren't prepared to put enough effort into owning an animal; some have mental or physical problems, and some take on more animals than they can cope with, or let pets breed until they have a problem they can't get on top of. In Tommy's case, his owner's son was able to persuade his mother that the best solution for all concerned was to transfer the little dog to us to be rehomed.

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